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      The New Brand That Unifies and Simplifies Amazon’s Advertising Products

      Until now, you had 3 products available to advertise on Amazon: Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). Now, Jeff Bezos’ company follows in the wake of Google and is committed to unification under a single name: Amazon Advertising. A single brand for all the solutions for advertisers already offered by the multinational retail company. The goal is the same as the one that was pursued with Google Marketing Platform. If Google decided to unify analytics and advertising, Amazon now includes all its advertising products under one name.

      What’s included in Amazon Advertising

      From now on, the entire nomenclature of Amazon’s advertising products will adjust to this new parameter. For example, Featured Ads will be renamed “Sponsored Brands” and Amazon Advertising Platform will be Amazon DSP. For its part, the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) console will become the “advertising console.” Amazon Media Group will continue to be the division in charge of marketing the advertising campaigns of major brands. Campaigns with an eminently focus on branding and premium placements.
      The shift towards the unified Amazon Advertising brand will be progressive. In addition, the company reassures users that it is only a question of the brand and that the products will continue to function as they have been.

      1. – Sponsored Ads

      Until now they were Featured Ads. Amazon offers you two types of sponsored ads:
      • Sponsored Products: to promote individual catalogs.
      • Sponsored Brands: for brand owners to promote their brand and product catalog.

      Sponsored Ads are one way to reach Amazon customers as they browse and search for products. Ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages and direct the customer to the product detail page, online store, or store.

      2. – Display ads

      They use relevant audiences, personalized creatives, and actionable insights to get your message across to the right customers. Not only on Amazon websites, but also in apps and other websites. You can manage your campaigns with the Amazon DSP console or avail yourself of the help of a team of experts. The advantages of these display ads are:

      • Scope: you will be able to reach customers on and off Amazon through different devices.
      • Flexibility: allows you to use multiple creative formats to promote your brand or product.
      • Audience: based on purchasing behavior, the appropriate audience is selected to target the advertising.

      3. – Video ads

      A picture is worth a thousand words and in the world of advertising this makes even more sense. With these ads you will appeal more easily to the emotions of your potential customers in the different phases of the purchase process. It is an interesting complement to display ads by allowing you, for example, to introduce video demonstrations of your products and services. And, something key, do it by targeting your target audience.

      4. – Stores

      To create your own website with your own branded URL on Amazon. You can include the story of your brand and the product portfolio. To create a Store you have to be an Amazon seller or a seller’s agent and your brand must be registered in the Amazon trademark registry. If you are a vendor or an agency, you must have an advertising console account (formerly, Amazon Marketing Services). You can then direct shoppers to your Store with ads on Amazon or off-platform, using a unique URL.

      5. – Amazon DSP

      It is the old Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP for its acronym in English). As in the rest of the products, the name changes but the mechanism is the same. In this case, as an advertiser you will be able to reach your audiences programmatically, both on Amazon’s sites and applications and through direct relationships with publishers and third-party exchanges.

      6. – Measurement

      Amazon Advertising measurement solutions help you to know the impact of your advertising on the buying behavior of your audience, both on Amazon and on third-party sites and applications. The goal is none other than to help you optimize your marketing strategies. You will have access to metrics that also measure the prestige of the brand.

      In short, it is clear that today the bulk of online advertising falls on Google and Facebook. Anyway, Amazon has more and more weight as a platform and with the decision to simplify its online advertising catalog with the unique brand Amazon Advertising, it will surely acquire more. Furthermore, if you want amazon account reinstatement service then must consult with Best Amazon Ungating Service.

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